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* Standard covers are designed for installation on flat road/foot path surface; kindly ensure the same before installation.
* Ensure that the top level of the frame is aligned to the level of the road.
* Ensure that the frame is completely resting in concrete on all sides/edges.
* Ensure that the frame is allowed sufficient time for setting in concrete before usage.
* Ensure that the frame or cover is not dropped/exposed to impact prior to and after installation.
* Ensure that the cover is placed upright on the frame.

Installation instructions :
* Prepare the concrete bed after considering the height of the frame.
* The frame should be completely embedded in a minimum of M-20 Grade Concrete.
* The level of the concrete bed must be flat so that entire frame is uniformly supported.
* In case a section of frame is not supported with solid ground, a concrete beam (min m - 20 grade)
not less than 100mm in height must be installed for resting below unsupported section.
* A frame should be allowed to set in concrete for a minimum time of 48 hrs before its use.

Advantages of FRP Gratings :
* Anti-corrosion and Anti-Aging
* Light weight & easy to handle
* Long product life & maintenance free
* Non-conducting & chemical resistant
* Slip resistant
* Fire retardant
* FRP used in manufacturing gratings is the strongest polymer resistive to deforming forces

Applications of FRP Gratings :
Our FRP Gratings are widely used in various Industries :
* Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
* Food and beverage plants
* Oil & Gas, Offshore rig & Power plants
* Water treatment plants & water pools
* Ramp, scaffold, railway footpath
* Operating platforms & trench covers
* Walkways, footbridges & staircase
* Architecture & Construction Industry

ELD-2.5 T/A15 Suitable for residential & institutional complexes with pedestrian & light motor vehicle
traffic. These covers can also be used for inspection chambers.
LD-5 T Suitable for use in areas of LMV (upto SUV class less than 3 tons) vehicular traffic.
e.g. underground parking or parking decks in residential areas.
MD-10 T/B125 Suitable for the use in service lanes /roads, on pavements, for use under medium duty vehicular traffic including car parking areas.
HD-20T /C250 Suitable for use in institutional/Commercial areas/carriage ways/city trunk roads/bys
terminal, with heavy duty vehicular traffic of wheel loads between 5-10 tons, like busses,
trucks and parking areas and where the manhole chambers are located in-between the
pavement and in the middle of the road.
EHD-40T/D400 Suitable for use in carriageways in commercial/industrial/port areas, near
warehouses / godowns where frequent loading and unloading of trucks/trailors are
common, with slow to fast moving traffic of the types with wheel loads up to 11.5 tons
irrespective of the location of the manhole covers.
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