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Product Details

PRINCE SWR Drainage Systems, the first to introduce UPVC soil and waste discharge system for inside and outside building including ventilation and rain water system, way back in 1988, and still leading the market. Company has achieved an important milestone of completing 25 years in the SWR industry in India.

PRINCE SWR Systems Pvt. Ltd. Is wholly owned by Piyush Chheda Group and has significant presence in Asia-Pacific Region & emerging as global player in the world. PRINCE has been a pioneer in intoruducing many innovative and cost effective plastic piping products. Compnay's objective is to meet the growing need of the customers, through elite and wide range of products. Prince SWR Systems has successfully replaced Cast iron and Asbestos Cement drainage Systems. What's more, PRINCE SWR Drainage systems are approved by local and international authorities.

"Dual Ring" is at par with the Internatinal Standards.

PRINCE is proud to introduce a new product named Dual Ring is a seal that ensures complete leak proof system is in place. The seal is named "Dual Ring", The yellow black seal (Dual Ring) holds itself permanently in the groove and doesn't fall out. The rubber ring ensures leak proof joints and helps compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction of plastics.

Features :

* It is being made with the advanced co-moulding technology.

* It consists of a plastic reinforced rubber ring which holds the "Dual Ring" in groove properly, thus ensuring 100 % leak proof joints.

* It also gives the power to the joints to withstand high pressure flow rates.

* Unlike conventional rubber rings which slip out of the groove during installation, the " Dual Ring" holds itself and stays attached to the groove by the plastic reinforcement that enables the joints to become 100% leak proof.

* No Solvent Cement required for making joints -Cost Effective.

* High Flow rates - No choking.

* Accurate and perfect dimensional contral.

Joining Instructions :

* Measure and cut pipe to size - Ensure to cut pipe square.

* Chamfer end of pipe to 10-15 degrees. Remove all burr from pipe with a knife-edge or deburring tool.

*Clean Pipe with Cloth.

* Check the fitting for Yellow Seal.

* Apply lubricant on chamfered end of pipe on inner surface of pipe / fittings to be joined.

* Push the pipe firmly into the socket - leave about 10 nn gap for thermal expansion allowance.

Product Details