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Basic Properties and Features:

Better Corrosion Resistance Nontoxic, Hygienic ‘Green’ product High vicat softening Temperature
Good Thermal Insulating Property, Good Chemical Resistance Better impact strength Heat fusion Jointing (No use of solvent) Better Noise Insulation - Extremely long life (i.e. more than 50 years), 100% leak Proof systems

PPR Systems Application Areas.

1. Hot & Cold Water piping system for indoor & outdoor installation in Residential & Commercial, Industrial & Area Public projects such as School , Colleges, Hospital, Cinema Halls, Airport, Railways, Bus Stations etc.
2. Solar water heating system.
3. Drinking water, mineral water plants & liquid food transportation.
4. Heating system inside building including floor, wall & radiator heating.
5. Air distribution & compressed air piping system.
6. Air conditioning & chilled water system.
7. Transportation of aggressive fluids in industries, such as Chemical plants, Petroleum & Gas Plants, Oil plants,
Pharmaceuticals, Breweries, ETP, STP & WTP.


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