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PRINCE SWR Drainage Systems, the first to introduce UPVC Soil and waste discharge system for inside and outside building including ventilation & rain water system, way back in 1988 & still leading the market.

Prince has been a pioneer in introducing many innovative & cost effective plastic piping products. Company’s objective is to meet the growing need of the customers, through elite & wide range of products. Prince SWR Systems has successfully replaced Cast iron and Asbestos Cement drainage Systems.

Prince SWR has the pleasure to come out with Mid Range SWR System with rubber seal ring joints under the brand Name PRIME to fit with economical plans of our esteemed customers. PRIME add one more feather in our cap in our journey towards excellence through high quality standard, innovation & wide range of products.

Compromising on cost does not entail compromising on Quality. Prince Mid Range systems are in no way a notch below the premium range, but are configured systems to suit application areas with specific installation conditions, budgets being one of them.

What more, PRIME SWR Drainage systems are approved by local & international authorities. This product is certified with “Certificate of Conformity” issued from Kenya Bureau of Standards for shipments to Kenya.

Application For SWR Drainage Systems at homes, offices, hotels, industries, hospitals as well as public places such as airports, railway stations, bus-stands, etc. For overflow lines and chemical waste lines at industries, dairy plants, food processing plants , vent lines in drainage systems , in mining pits & rain water harvesting systems etc.

Advantages PRIME SWR system is a specially designed , cost effective drainage system , which offers numerous advantages over conventional drainage systems, which are follows :

Corrosion & Chemical Resistant : uPVC material is completely free from corrosion & unaffected by most of the chemicals.
Fire & UV Resistant : uPVC is self extinguisher of fire. The special UV stablized compound, eliminates the adverse effect of sunlight & weather, hence can be safely used for outdoor installation in any climatic condition.
Strong, Durable & Longer Lasting : The System is resilient, tough & durable with high impact & tensile strength. Moreover it is free from scale formation, rusting, weathering & chemical action. Also, it remains unharmed by bacteria, fungi, micro-organisms & insects.
Easy to install & maintain : It is easy to install & less time consuming than CI or AC systems. Rubber ring sealing ensures leak proof joint. Threaded door caps provide ease of inspection & cleaning.
Smooth Surface : Smooth inside surface insures effective discharge & high flow rate throughout its life.
Light Weight : Light weight products are easy to transport & handle & reduces labour cost during installation.
Economical : Prince PRIME SWR system is more cost effective than any conventional drainage system.

Technical support : Backed up by technical services, offered by the company’s trained personnel.

Standard : Pipes IS : 13592 , IS: 4985 ; IS: 15328 Fittings : IS: 14735,IS: 7834, Rubber Rings IS 5382, Pipes for use in underground Drainage and Sewerage IS : 15328.

A Complete Range of Products :

PRIME SWR Pipes available in sizes from 20mm to 315mm. SWR Fittings are available in 75mm; 110 mm like Bend 45°, Bend 87.5°, Single ‘Y’, Single ‘Y’ with Door, Single Tee, Single Tee with Door, Double Tee, Coupler, Repair Coupler, Floor Trap ; Accessories & many more to complete the drainage system.

Available in Colours : Light Grey, Dark Grey, Golden Brown, Ivory & White.

Maintenance : Prince Mid Range SWR Systems are almost maintenance free. However, the fittings with door give easy access for cleaning. A cleaning pipe can also be provided. In case of damage to the pipe, repairs can be carried out as illustrated in the figures below.

Fig. 1:
For small puncture on the pipe. Take two halves of PVC pipe. Fix them on damaged PVC pipe with solvent cement.

Fig. 2:
If the damage is large, cut the damaged portion of the pipe. Take a piece of PVC pipe and two repair couplers. Insert the couplers on the pipe and place the new pipe in portion.

Jointing Method

1. Cut the PVC pipe with a fine toothed saw to the required length. Pipe should be cut square.

2. Using a course file, chamfer end of the pipe to be inserted, at an angle of about 15° to about 1/3rd of the wall thickness. Make sure the spigot and socket are thoroughly clean and dry.

3. Insert the pipe in to the socket without the seal ring and mark along the pipe, when it is fully Inserted.

4. Fix the rubber ring in the groove without twisting it.

5. Apply jointing lubricant to the chamfered end of the pipe, up to the mark made on spigot or to the socket end of fitting.

6. Push the pipe firmly into the socket till the gap between the mark on the spigot and the socket is about 10mm to allow thermal expansion.

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