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Product Details
Chemical Chart
Jointing System

Instruction - Sliding Socket SWR Pipes

Prince Premium SWR Systems with sliding socket joint are manufactured in dark grey color in 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm dia sizes, with overall standard length of 3 metres. These pipes conform to indian standards IS: 13592 and are designed to withstand continuous internal hydraulic pressure of 4kgf/cm so as to ensure life-long trouble- free working. The pipes are provided with an integral rubber ring type socket at one end while other end is kept plain, smooth and free from burrs. Rubber ring type socket ends provide easy push-fit type joining. Simultaneously, allowance for thermal expansion can also be provided during installation.

Pipe clips

The special design of PRINCE pipe clips keep Prince Premium SWR Pipe & Fittings away from the building wall, making the building and pipes and fittings, maintenance easy, without SWR messing up the building exteriors.

Rubber Seal Rings For Joints And Access Doors

Manufactured in accordance with IS: 5382 for 50mm, 75mm, 90mm, 160mm sizes. These are made out of natural rubber with a shore `A' hardness of 50 ± 5 provide superior resistance to biological attack. Special design of cross section ensure perfect sealing.


Available in 100gms and 500 gms packing. Specially formulated for compatability with rubber seal as well as PVC.Does not support the growth of bacteria or fungi.

Installation Methods

Above Ground Installation

PRINCE uPVC Pipe Clips should be used with a spacing of about 900mm for vertical laying. Use of fitting with door and cleaning pipe may be made at suitable points to provide access for inspection and cleaning.

Underground Installation

For laying uPVC Pipes in trenches, trench width should not be less than pipe diameter plus 300mm, while trench depth should be about 600 to 1000mm, depending upon the size of the pipe and slope required for gravity flow. Care should be taken to avoid dirt entering the joints. Pipelines should not be laid on submerged rock. Testing of the line should be done before filling back the trench.

Concealed Installation

For concealing the drain lines, slots are made in the wall or concrete.The slot size should be such that the system remains stress free at the time of installation. Sharp edges should be avoided. UPVC Pipes and Fittings should be cleaned and a light coat of solvent cement applied externally before they are inserted in the slots. Sprinkle dry sand on them to form a good base for proper fixing with cement. Leakage test must be carried out before concealing the system.

Subsequent Installation

Branch lines can be provided to existing SWR system using PRINCE fitting, such as 'y' or 't'. Use of single or Double repair coupler is made for this purpose.

Testing Before Use

Before the systems is put into use, it should be tested for leakages by air test hydraulic test or smoke test.


Once installed Prince Premium SWR Systems require no maintenance. However, threaded door caps with rubber ring seals are provided on fitting for easy access while cleaning. Small breakages in the pipe can be repaired by fixing two halves of a PVC pipe on the damaged portion with a new piece of pipe using two repair couplers.


To avoid any possibility of damage to uPVC Pipes and fittings, a few points should be kept in mind.

• Pipes and fitting should not be kept on sharp objects.

• Lift, do not drag pipes and fitting.

• Fittings should be stored in cartons or bags.

• Pipes should stacked on an even surface, the stacking height not exeeding
  1.5 meters if they have to be stored for a long period.

• Rubber ring should be kept tension free.

• Lubricants and solvent cement should be stored in a cool place, away from
  direct sunlight.


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