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Product Details
Chemical Chart
Jointing System

Prince Premium SWR Systems For all practical purposes, the best you can buy.

PRINCE SWR Drainage Systems, the first to introduce UPVC Soil and waste discharge system for inside and outside building including ventilation and rain water system, way back in 1988, and still leading the market. Company has achieved an important milestone of completing 25 Years in the SWR industry in India.

PRINCE SWR SYSTEMS - wholly owned by Piyush Chheda Group , pioneer to introduce SWR Drainage System in 1988. The company has set the benchmarks for its quality and service not only in India, but also around the Globe.PRINCE SWR products are manufactured in high-tech new generation machines with highest grade of virgin raw material, under stringent quality control measures, passing through roughest test.


Soil Waste and Rain Water (SWR) Pipes & fittings are used for drainage & sewerage applications at homes, offices, hotels, industries, hospitals, as well as public places such as air ports, railway stations, bus stands etc.

Advantages :

Wide range of products with high quality standards : Prince SWR Drainage System has widest range of Pipes & Fittings under one roof, with highest quality standards. The pipes & fittings has resistance to all type of chemicals used in detergent, house cleaning and disinfectants.

Corrosion & Chemical resistant : The system is completely freefrom corrosion.

Strong, Durable & Longer Lasting : The system is resilient,tough and durable with high impact and tensile strength. Moreover it is free from scale formation, weathering and chemical action. Also it remains unharmed by bacteria, fungi, micro organisms, insects and rodents.

Smooth inner surface: Smooth inner surface ensures effective discharge and high flow ratethroughout its life.

UV Resistant: The special UV stabilized compound, eliminates the adverse effect of sun light, and weather, hence can be safely used for outdoor installation in any climatic conditions.

Easy to install and maintain : The system is easy to install and takes less time then the conventional CI or AC systems. The rubber sealing ring ensures leak proof joints. The water seal in Traps prevents foul smell and insects enter to the house. Threaded door cap provide the ease of inspection and cleaning.
Light Weight : The Pipes & fittings are light in weight, thus easy to handle and transport. Reduces labour cost during installation, hence the system is most economical and cost effective than any other conventional drainage system.

Standard :
uPVC SWR Pipes - IS13592 : 2013
uPVC SWR Fittings - IS 14735 : 1999
Rubber Ring - IS 5382

Complete Range of products :

SWR Pipes :
Pipes are available from 40mm to 160mm OD with Solvent Cement joint socket & Grooved socket for rubber ring joints; in both Type-A and Type-B. Pipe from 180mm to 315mm are available in Type-B for Solvent cement joint socket and grooved socket.

SWR Fittings :
Fittings are available from 40mm to 160mm OD with Rubber Ring Joint Type and Solvent Cement Joint Type.

PRINCE SWR RANGE : Pipes & Fittings are available with ISI mark and both in Rubber ring and Solvent Joint type. Pipes and Fittings 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm and Type B pipes also available in 180mm, 200mm, 250mm & 315mm. Fittings like Coupler , Bend etc with door and without door, Single & Double Tee, Y with door and without door, Reducer, Reducing “T”, “Y” and many more accessories to make the system complete in all respect.

DUAL RING : Prince is proud to introduce SWR pipes and fittings with “Dual Ring”. The regular rubber ring is replaced with “Dual Ring” an advanced co-moulding technology, consists of a plastic reinforced rubber ring which holds itself firmly in the groove of the socket and does not fall out at the time of installation. The “Dual Ring” ensures a 100% leak proof joint, and allows thermal expansion and contraction with change in temperature.

Traps & Accessories
Nahani Trap: Nahani Traps available in 100mm ( 4”)height with 4” Jali on the top and with minimum 10mm water seal. The traps are available with outlet of 110mm, 90mm (ID & OD), 75mm and 63mm and can be directly connected to the main waste line.

Gully Trap: A single piece body with top main inlet of 110mm, usually fitted in the ground with a water seal to prevent foul odours from the sewer reaching the surface. It has a removable partition for cleaning and maintenance purpose. Waste water from kitchen and bathroom is piped to the gully trap before ground level to prevent ground water entering into the sewer.

P- Trap : For the first of its kind in the world PRINCE introduced Single piece molded P trap with minimum water seal of 50mm and outlet 110mm. The P trap is available with and without gas air vent dia of 50mm. The WC pan can be fixed with normal cement joint at the inlet. The outlet can be directly connected to main soil line.

Floor Trap: A single piece construct body, perfectly sealed with removable type partition. It has top main inlet of 100mm and 3 side inlets of 50mm with outlet 75mm. Round Jali of 4”dia can be placed directly on the top. It is available in sizes 127 mm ( 5”) height with 50mm water seal and 110mm (4”) with 23mm water seal.

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