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Advantages of Rain Water Harvesting Systems
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1. Rainwater harvesting technologies are simple to install and operate. Local people can be easily trained to implement such technologies, and construction materials are also readily available.
2. Rainwater harvesting is convenient in the sense that it provides water at the point of consumption, and family members have full control of their own systems
3. As it is collected using existing structures not specially constructed for the purpose.
4. It provides water when there is a drought, can help mitigate flooding of low-lying areas, and reduces demand on wells which may enable ground water levels to be sustained.
5. By storing of water and reutilizing it Water and power bill can be saved as much as 50 to 60% per month. Technology works on the Gravitational Principle that reduces the cost of pumping of ground water.
6. One notable advantage of rainwater is its softness when compared to hard groundwater. Therefore, rain water is exceptionally pure source of water for a minuscule investment.
7. Dependency on water tankers, ground water and corporation water can also be much reduced.
8. Recharge of Groundwater, replenishes the deeper layers of the earth's crust which in turn insulates the earth from rise in temperature, reducing global warming.
9. It helps to reduce soil erosion as by capturing rain water flow of storm is reduced which helps to reduce urban flooding.


Sample Calculation for Quantity of Rain Water which can be harvested:
How much water can be harvested?

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