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TUBE WELL SYSTEMS (Screen, Casing & Column Pipes)
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PRINCE Tube Well System is non Toxic, Easy to Install and is made for life time trouble free services.

PRINCE Tube Well systems consists of Ribbed Screen pipes, Plain Screen Pipes, Casing pipes and Rising Main (Column) Pipes, available in most usable range from 35mm to 250mm.

Application : PRINCE Bore Well and Tube Well systems are suitable for various sizes of tube wells to extract clean & clear water.

Advantage : PRINCE Bore Well and Tube Well System has several advantages over conventional Systems :
Light weight, Easy to install, Excellent Rigidity , Non-Toxic, Good Insulator , Longer life. (As per IS 12818 - 2010 Specifications.)

Cost Effective : PRINCE casing and screen pipes are more economical than other materials systems because its having higher cost benefit ratio. Environment Friendly In life Cycle analysis and independent studies, PVC's environmental impact has been found to be favorable when compared with other companies manufactured by different materials.

Installation Guide:
1) Ensure completion of bore well installation & sufficient Prince Global ribbed screen & plain casing pipes are available at site, selected
based on depth of Bore Well as per IS 12818 CS up to 80 mtrs., CM upto 250 mtrs., CD up to 450 mtrs. to avoid collapse in a Bore.

2) Remove thread protective cap & confirm that sealing ring is provided on groove at the end of threaded portion. Never do assembly of 1 pipe with other without sealing ring since it is important for complete locking of threads.

3) Ensure that bottom cap with sand traps is put in place.

4) Fit "C" Clamp below the bell end of the pipe .Lower assembly down in the bore with the help of chain pulley block.

5) After lowering the pipe up to the clamp level, tight the second pipe gently with the lowered pipe.

6) Use chain strap wrench for proper jointing without over tight. Fix next clamp below bell end of the second pipe and connect the chain pulley with clamp. Remove the clamp of lower pipe and start lowering further, assemble pipe one after the other.

7) Repeat the jointing method till the required depth of bore well is reached. Fill the gravel between pipes and bore hole.

Product DetailsDimension
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