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   Prince UPVC White Pipes
   Prince UPVC White Fittings
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Jointing Methods

Preparing PRINCE uPVC white pipes & fittings for Installation :

Cutting : Cut PRINCE uPVC pipe to the desired length, ensure that the cut pipe & fitting are of compatible sizes. Cut the pipe as squarely as possible for proper bonding.

Debarring / Beveling : Ensure that the cut pipe is free from burrs and filling that might prevent proper contact. Burrs and filling should be removed from outside and inside of the pipe with a suitable file.

Fitting Preparation : Chamfer the end of the pipe to facilitate entry into the fitting. Wipe clean the pipe end & fitting with a dry rag to remove dirt & moisture. If required, use cleaners to clean grease & dirt from pipe & fittings surface to be jointed. Dry fit the pipe to ensure total entry into the bottom of the fittings socket & make a visible marking.

Solvent Cement Application : Use PRINCE Heavy Duty uPVC solvent cement to ensure perfect solvent weld joint. Apply an even coat of solvent cement on both the top of the pipe end & inside the fitting socket. Prince solvent cement eliminates the use of primer up to 2” only, above 2” size, use primer before applying solvent cement.

Assembly : Immediately insert the pipe into the fitting socket. Rotate the pipe 1/4 to ½ turn while inserting into the fitting socket. Hold the assembly for approximately 30-60 seconds to avoid push out.

Set & Cure : Assembled joints must be allowed to set & cure properly prior to testing the system. Set & cure time depends on size, temperature, humidity & pressure. Drying time is faster for drier environment, small size & higher temperature. Before pressure testing, the system should be filled with water & all air removed from the farthest & highest points in the run.

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