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   Prince UPVC White Pipes
   Prince UPVC White Fittings
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PRINCE White Plumbing Pipe & Fittings

PRINCE uPVC White Pipe & Fittings Systems are the new age solutions to high end requirements, and it come with the credibility inherent to any PRINCE product.


PRINCE uPVC White Pipe & Fittings Systems are the answer to the research in advance polymer chemistry to enable products to withstand aggressive weather and usage conditions. The properties of PRINCE uPVC White Pipe & Fittings thus attained clearly scores over copper, galvanized, PPR or alternative plastic plumbing systems.

The PRINCE uPVC White Pipe & Fittings , to say the least, is virtually “Install it and forget it” phenomenon to be produced by PRINCE. These systems, as described, lasts longer than any other material made for such application.

Distinct advantages of PRINCE uPVC white pipes & fittings :-
1) Easy to install and maintenance free.
2) Absolutely safe even for potable water distribution.
3) Totally corrosion free.
4) Entirely scale build-up resistant.
(will remain as smooth and clean as and when installed)

Moreover PRINCE uPVC white pipes & fittings have properties such as, greater heat retention, thereby
preventing condensation. Also subdues sound of fluid rush.

Application Areas : Eco-freindly Hotels, Residential Complexes, Office Complexes light Industrial Complexes and Commercial Complexes.


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